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Read scriptures and important texts from the Hindu traditions. conversion and sublimation of the sexual energy into spiritual energy or Ojas? And sexual energy is both pleasurable and powerful. The Hindu Tantric symbol of the Shiva Lingam is a representation of the male and.

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By Dougor - 07:35
Remember the Law of Conservation of Energy? 'Energy can neither be created,​nor destroyed but can be transferred from (one form to another) one medium to.
By Mazunos - 03:50
In Hinduism, sexual intercourse is considered neither evil nor sinful nor dirty. Sex is divine . In the male body the semen represents the highest form of energy.
By Kazikora - 21:55
In order to master the art of sexual continence, you have to learn how to rise your sexual energy along the spine and make it circulate through your body. For this.
By Vigore - 19:53
Our sex-obsessed society lauds the benefits of having sex, but rarely touches on the benefits of harnessing sexual energy through abstinence. Read more!
By Garamar - 16:43
KAMA(Sexual Energy): The Fundamental Pursuit of Humanity. ' kamo hi yagye prathamo nainam deva apo pitro na martya tataswamasi.

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